vineri, 14 noiembrie 2008


A voice from inside
Oh no, no
Is telling her lies
Oh no, no
Her dreams come crashing down
Like a burning sky at night
No longer a child
You are the one
You can’t deny
What you have become
It can’t hurt you
But it can eat you up inside

And now you stand up
And look them straight in the eyes
You 're not believing their lies
Your taking it straight from the heart
It’s time for a new start
Time for a new start
Cause if it’s not love well
It’s not enough
You deserve more yeah
More than what you’ve got
Inside a voice is screaming
Get off your knees
Get up

She screams
Sometimes their lies are their disguise
Sometimes the beautiful will cry
You 're reaching inside
And now you’re floating like a breeze
And saying goodbye...

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